Monday, May 7, 2012


You flew in the dead of the night
Into my room, under my blanket...into my life
Now when I wake up
I find I have changed
You have spoilt me for the comforts in life
The sweet candies and the violets

We walked miles side by side
Counting stars and orchids by the roadside
Who knew we you would take the freeway after all this time?
Was God laughing at my plans?

It will be before so long
You will start a new journey
Not a trace of a past existing
Not an exit for returning

Some one new will make you laugh
Will be on the receiving end of that intoxicating smile..
Some one new to hold you closely
Some one new to stand by your side

And the story would be the same for me
But there will be the same discs lying by my bedside
The same old songs will be running through my mind
Just rewinding every time..

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