Saturday, May 12, 2012

If I say..
Would you stay?
Would you hold on for another time?
Is this fading slowly?
You moving away one step at a time?
Puffed eyes and a throbbing pain
Floating through uncertainty everyday
Are you still there?
Where I can touch you 
When I stretch out my arms.
Have you moved on?
So abruptly?
Blocking away all the possibilities with force.

When minutes turn into hours
When the cell phone stops blinking
I know you wouldn't miss my name flashing on your cell.
There will be people far more important
Knocking every other second
A new favourite contact to buzz all over again

And before so long 
I shall be a dot to you 
Pressing hard to find on the horizon
Sitting on the rocks with a new set of fingers
The yellow cab won't flash in your mind
A faceless name left in the corner of your life...

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