Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be Free

History repeats..
Like before it all ends up to nothing
like  before just a victim of sympathy, consolation
nothing lasts forever yet we hope against everything to survive
We  shall die everyone one by one
No one stays, is just a solo mission..

Every morsel of my memory dripping wet with dry fever
My hands shake , an unpleasant tremor
The promises of coffee spill over
Losing strength , grip, finally my voice

Its all black and cold
Am I dead?I ask myself.
Is this hell?The other-side?
I suddenly feel the piercing pain again
I can't be dead.Its a just a cold-dark room.

Why does it hurt? the throbbing pain beats like a hammer on steel..
I know you wont look back , a past you would rather
Hey,I know I was not your first kiss, neither the first friend.
Just the one who made you dwell in this cold dark room..

You see the light- a ray of hope,you move towards it
Running away from the suffocation
I try and stop you.My efforts fail.
How long will I cage a free bird?I ask myself again.
The answer comes swiftly- not any more.

I resign.I have failed.As a son. As a friend.Failed in all the roles I hoped I would succeed.
My failure.

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