Monday, June 6, 2011

Life is an amazing journey that takes one through every nook and cranny of eternal bliss and time stopping heart breaking moments.But would life be any fun without that? Well for me I don't think it would.It is definitely a matter of choice - to be safe and secure or to live on the edge. One thing I have realized in the last couple of days in order to be something in life one cannot choose the former.Yes the latter will surely take one through the rugged terrains,make one feel like he or she is a total loser but it is also proven that the same path will also throw up opportunities which if the traveler grabs by the "collar" will not only make him/her into something but will also make him/her grow as a person.....Well why am I all of sudden writing some cliched saying in the very first post after such a long time? Well its certainly not to equip the scanty(if at all there is any) number of readers of my blog.I am writing this because I feel like expressing what I have finally understood and hence this mid-day effort to capture my understanding in plain simple English!

P.S. I guess I had been living a bit safely thus far..or maybe preparing to face the "real" challenges head on.

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