Monday, April 25, 2011

A 3rd Person's View

Standing up for something right isn't easy..standing up for something that you and only you know is the truth is diabolical...does one fight to make some one see reason? that there was logic? or is keeping quiet the best thing? doesn't everyone have a logic of their own? we all need an eyewitness to prove one's story...that he was correct. that it was his ordeal. maybe for some it always is a very trivial matter to gang humiliate in very subtle undertones. There was no evidence...only his believe...yes people believed but not without logic.Every story has two sides...there is the other side of the coin too.Yes another setback for him cause he doesn't have any least that's what seemed at that moment for him....seeing it from a third person's eye as i am at the moment...the logic is true...its clean just like a new made sword...the triviality of the issue is unquestionable...undeniable...but that's what it is like in the is foolish to stand up for something without having weight on one side..." I believe you but I can't take a stand" is what will they say....its like that very much like that...and that's when that DNA finger print is that helps at least some one to take a stand!

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