Saturday, February 19, 2011


Do I see the sun again?
After ages in pacific darkness
My naked eyes hurt
I try to see through the finger pores
The dawned orange glow
Igniting new hope
A gentle warmth I yearned for so long
I feel on my skin
Yes it is the sun
New hope, old love.

What a month it was.Probably this blog isn't an appropriate place to get into the details.I won't either.Came across people of various kinds, most of them leeches , ready to sniff around some one's life without even feeling a bit of regret, ready to humiliate, ready to steal one's life, respect, love, hope, and everything one can attach to human existence.Well I have come out stronger yeah much stronger.I am thankful to my family and most definitely my close friends.I remember reading The Kite Runner where Amir's father tells him that stealing is the worst crime that any one can commit....and I realize now that is very true!