Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I am back from my trip.Yes I know there are people who wont like this disposition.I bring bad luck.Suffocation.A lot of chains and emotional baggage which makes survival impossible.I didn't want to come back this time.Liked Delhi very much.College starts tomorrow and that is very sucky.The year has started on a very bad note rather an empty note for me.Still 1.5years left of my college life and I so want it to go by very fast.2010 wasn't the best possible year..I learned a lot.But I am a slow learner so I take my time....basically..I failed even with all the chances I got.Too many..challenges groped me from every possible directions.But 2010 will always be special for me and I will savour it till my last breath.Memories both good and bad have dug deep roots and I know whatever happens to me from now on,2010 will always remain etched in me. In a way its very difficult for me to bid good bye to 2010.Time doesn't wait its already 2nd January 2011.So bye bye 2010.Not really looking forward to my days ahead at least at the present moment.Anyway...Happy New Year.

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