Thursday, July 14, 2011

14th July 2011

It was a very hectic, gruelingly busy May and June. A lot of new things happened to me on a personal level and for the larger society in 'West' Bengal.Change, is the keyword for both the pictures. On the personal level, my usually lazy summer vacations went for a toss for the first time in my life- I worked, to be precise, my being was engaged in doing some fruitful activity, which helped me to develop as a person and also helped me to give back to that very society only an iota of all that she has given/giving me.Being a part of a newspaper house (even if just as an Intern) was a desire which finally got fulfilled last month. I wouldn't say it was an"outstanding" experience but yes it was very challenging, an experience which earned me a few articles but more importantly made me more confident. I had moments of anguish which made me contemplate that I was not cut out for a job yet. In the end those few moments of tensed introspection faded way to a light-a tiny bit of success.I was overwhelmed with happiness.

Turning back to the larger society, that is, the people of West Bengal, also witnessed change in their lives for the first time in 34 years.A definitive, comprehensive change. The 'Red Book' finally closed its West Bengal chapter, even if, it is for a brief while.How long will this disposition last we do not know. But one thing that is clear is the change was steered by the people of West Bengal. The mass had lost its faith in the Left Front, the 'Red Flag' and all that it stood for. It was the Friday 13th May, the verdict was declared and the state erupted in joy as if it had gained independence.It's passed 2 months now.The euphoria has given way to normalcy again. But what the people of West Bengal witnessed was a maddeningly insane effort on the part of a lady to bring about a change a.k.a "Poriborton"(in Bengali) which culminated in the toppling of the 'Red Rule'.

The red carpet has now been placed to testify the success or the failure of the change.Will the lady who has been treated with such veneration be able to emulate the 'Lady with the Lamp'? Or the Lady draped in white? The answer is not yet known.

My recent experiences during my short stint with real work has armed me with yet another question of which I haven't found an answer yet, and if I have it has not been a completely positive one. Will just a governmental change help to halt if not neutralize the self-destruct mode that the state currently is in??

Monday, June 6, 2011

Life is an amazing journey that takes one through every nook and cranny of eternal bliss and time stopping heart breaking moments.But would life be any fun without that? Well for me I don't think it would.It is definitely a matter of choice - to be safe and secure or to live on the edge. One thing I have realized in the last couple of days in order to be something in life one cannot choose the former.Yes the latter will surely take one through the rugged terrains,make one feel like he or she is a total loser but it is also proven that the same path will also throw up opportunities which if the traveler grabs by the "collar" will not only make him/her into something but will also make him/her grow as a person.....Well why am I all of sudden writing some cliched saying in the very first post after such a long time? Well its certainly not to equip the scanty(if at all there is any) number of readers of my blog.I am writing this because I feel like expressing what I have finally understood and hence this mid-day effort to capture my understanding in plain simple English!

P.S. I guess I had been living a bit safely thus far..or maybe preparing to face the "real" challenges head on.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A 3rd Person's View

Standing up for something right isn't easy..standing up for something that you and only you know is the truth is diabolical...does one fight to make some one see reason? that there was logic? or is keeping quiet the best thing? doesn't everyone have a logic of their own? we all need an eyewitness to prove one's story...that he was correct. that it was his ordeal. maybe for some it always is a very trivial matter to gang humiliate in very subtle undertones. There was no evidence...only his believe...yes people believed but not without logic.Every story has two sides...there is the other side of the coin too.Yes another setback for him cause he doesn't have any least that's what seemed at that moment for him....seeing it from a third person's eye as i am at the moment...the logic is true...its clean just like a new made sword...the triviality of the issue is unquestionable...undeniable...but that's what it is like in the is foolish to stand up for something without having weight on one side..." I believe you but I can't take a stand" is what will they say....its like that very much like that...and that's when that DNA finger print is that helps at least some one to take a stand!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Lets play holi
With our blood
The colour that will never be erased
Let us be martyrs
For a new generation to praise
Admire, maybe remember some of our names
The last of the bullets have been loaded
Lets play holi
With a more organic color
Smear their faces with a different red
Those hypocrites who wear white by the day
And rape innocent lives in the dark
Lets make their lives more colourful
Lets bathe in blood...

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Do I see the sun again?
After ages in pacific darkness
My naked eyes hurt
I try to see through the finger pores
The dawned orange glow
Igniting new hope
A gentle warmth I yearned for so long
I feel on my skin
Yes it is the sun
New hope, old love.

What a month it was.Probably this blog isn't an appropriate place to get into the details.I won't either.Came across people of various kinds, most of them leeches , ready to sniff around some one's life without even feeling a bit of regret, ready to humiliate, ready to steal one's life, respect, love, hope, and everything one can attach to human existence.Well I have come out stronger yeah much stronger.I am thankful to my family and most definitely my close friends.I remember reading The Kite Runner where Amir's father tells him that stealing is the worst crime that any one can commit....and I realize now that is very true!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I am back from my trip.Yes I know there are people who wont like this disposition.I bring bad luck.Suffocation.A lot of chains and emotional baggage which makes survival impossible.I didn't want to come back this time.Liked Delhi very much.College starts tomorrow and that is very sucky.The year has started on a very bad note rather an empty note for me.Still 1.5years left of my college life and I so want it to go by very fast.2010 wasn't the best possible year..I learned a lot.But I am a slow learner so I take my time....basically..I failed even with all the chances I got.Too many..challenges groped me from every possible directions.But 2010 will always be special for me and I will savour it till my last breath.Memories both good and bad have dug deep roots and I know whatever happens to me from now on,2010 will always remain etched in me. In a way its very difficult for me to bid good bye to 2010.Time doesn't wait its already 2nd January 2011.So bye bye 2010.Not really looking forward to my days ahead at least at the present moment.Anyway...Happy New Year.