Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Its Time

You give me a smile
Put on the veil
A speck of sunshine
Clouds back again
A morsel of laughter
Drowned in an ocean of tears
Days of joy with nights of fear
Languishing with pain
Yet calm and restrained
Hoping for a better tomorrow...

When you will shed that black veil
Look into my eyes and smile again
End of a long, long wait
When the fields will be green again
The calm after another storm
When you will break the chains
Start believing..

When the sun shall rise with its morning hope
When the sky shall be a spotless blue
When the sun will set with its evening hues
I shall be holding you in my arms again

Hope is never a bad thing
Give wings to your thoughts
And let yourself fly..
But everyone becomes tired after sometime
The bird must find her nest
Look around I shall be some where near thee
Waiting to light the fire once again

Shed your veil, welcome life..
Break the wall,ignite
Its time, its time.

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