Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have got my sociology pass papers on saturday. haven't studied one bit.but somehow i am quiet calm. not paranoid. maybe because its just a pass papers.anyway my mind has all of a sudden become clouded with thoughts.thoughts that don't really put on a smile. what does one do when he knows he has failed? does he call it quits. hangs his head low and walks away? or does he stand his ground keeps at it knowing that he might be the actual winner in the end.a certain acquaintance would tell me "aren't u a united supporter? why don't u draw inspiration from them?" but there are times when inspiration doesn't even help.Life is strange, a hurricane lurking at every corner, waiting to squash u like a bug.Some how just for now I want to go back to my school friends.I have never felt like this ever before.Chat with them about how life has changed- for the better or for worse.Have a heart to heart conversation with my best bud.Yes I will have to meet him soon.He will understand.Someday everything will make sense and all the doubts about myself will be straightened out.

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