Saturday, December 11, 2010


Down with influenza. :( I have seen that whenever I am down with bouts of flu I tend to develop all negative thoughts.Weird of me.Its not like I don't think negatively during normal circumstances but influenza tends to magnify this pessimistic intensity.Anyway examinations almost done. Just one more pass paper to go then I am off to Delhi. Can't believe that I will be going outside West Bengal twice this year. Never happened before.My last trip during the summer months was very nice.It was really good.That was the first time I ever boarded the plane.Now that I know whats the experience like when one is flying at an altitude of 38,000ft from the ground, the alluring factor has lost a bit of charm.But it is still quite exciting.I am looking forward to Delhi.I have always been attracted by the name.Being a political science student has loaded more significance to name of the capital of India, my country.I am excited to see the Taj Mahal and also staying over at my cousin's place in Gurgaon.

I will be getting a brand new camera today! :D mother is going to buy me one. I am so happy and excited!! :D :D :D I will be able to click loads of pictures once again!! :D

P.S. I am amazed how people jump from one relationship to another. Bye for now.

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