Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Its Time

You give me a smile
Put on the veil
A speck of sunshine
Clouds back again
A morsel of laughter
Drowned in an ocean of tears
Days of joy with nights of fear
Languishing with pain
Yet calm and restrained
Hoping for a better tomorrow...

When you will shed that black veil
Look into my eyes and smile again
End of a long, long wait
When the fields will be green again
The calm after another storm
When you will break the chains
Start believing..

When the sun shall rise with its morning hope
When the sky shall be a spotless blue
When the sun will set with its evening hues
I shall be holding you in my arms again

Hope is never a bad thing
Give wings to your thoughts
And let yourself fly..
But everyone becomes tired after sometime
The bird must find her nest
Look around I shall be some where near thee
Waiting to light the fire once again

Shed your veil, welcome life..
Break the wall,ignite
Its time, its time.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its all blank
Not a drop of colour
Emptiness grappling
Pushing me down
Sunshine through the window curtains
Floating paralyzed
Its still cold
The winter is only beginning....

Whispers I hear of the times when we were bathing in joy
The times when we were close
When the clock did not matter
When there was no space
A fleeting thought of the times when we were just ours
A thought to feed on
Till this impasse subsides...

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Down with influenza. :( I have seen that whenever I am down with bouts of flu I tend to develop all negative thoughts.Weird of me.Its not like I don't think negatively during normal circumstances but influenza tends to magnify this pessimistic intensity.Anyway examinations almost done. Just one more pass paper to go then I am off to Delhi. Can't believe that I will be going outside West Bengal twice this year. Never happened before.My last trip during the summer months was very nice.It was really good.That was the first time I ever boarded the plane.Now that I know whats the experience like when one is flying at an altitude of 38,000ft from the ground, the alluring factor has lost a bit of charm.But it is still quite exciting.I am looking forward to Delhi.I have always been attracted by the name.Being a political science student has loaded more significance to name of the capital of India, my country.I am excited to see the Taj Mahal and also staying over at my cousin's place in Gurgaon.

I will be getting a brand new camera today! :D mother is going to buy me one. I am so happy and excited!! :D :D :D I will be able to click loads of pictures once again!! :D

P.S. I am amazed how people jump from one relationship to another. Bye for now.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Invisible Umbilical Line

Furiously high
The two minds , the two bodies
Silence interrupted by deep breathing
He touches her skin
The prickling sensation causing ripples
Amidst the deep of darkness
The intensity breaks as they come close
So close that their salty sweat mixes with each other
As it trails down their skin
Gasp of unison
Trembling hands trembling feet
Whispering just whispering each others name
The pain and pleasure
The smile and tears
Of all these years unite...
Beating as one
The unbreakable bond
The mixing of blood
The same disease
They are theirs
Nothing can ever sever the invisible umbilical line
The first rays of the sun shine...


The shallow tune of that song
Screeches as we make love
Reminding us the consequences of our deed....
Stigmatised will be our love story...
For breaking the sanctity of our society...
As we crash down together
To the floor
As our naked bodies touch
The most unholy dome
Falling periliously below in their eyes...
We realise we have to fight in order to survive.......
A sense of calm before the storm.....
A sense - we won't bid goodbye.
I have got my sociology pass papers on saturday. haven't studied one bit.but somehow i am quiet calm. not paranoid. maybe because its just a pass papers.anyway my mind has all of a sudden become clouded with thoughts.thoughts that don't really put on a smile. what does one do when he knows he has failed? does he call it quits. hangs his head low and walks away? or does he stand his ground keeps at it knowing that he might be the actual winner in the end.a certain acquaintance would tell me "aren't u a united supporter? why don't u draw inspiration from them?" but there are times when inspiration doesn't even help.Life is strange, a hurricane lurking at every corner, waiting to squash u like a bug.Some how just for now I want to go back to my school friends.I have never felt like this ever before.Chat with them about how life has changed- for the better or for worse.Have a heart to heart conversation with my best bud.Yes I will have to meet him soon.He will understand.Someday everything will make sense and all the doubts about myself will be straightened out.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Change is the only constant.Life is tough for the most part of it.When u want something to happen badly.It doesn't. Some facts to remain smooth. It gets distorted. Some moments to freeze but they end up going away into the past.Half of college life is over.That makes me happy in a way and sad for some other reasons.Lately I have been obsessed with death. Some how I get these weird feeling...when I actually die... is there any one who would really miss me? At some times I feel. Yes. At other times I feel. No. May be I am not really important to a lot of people I think I am. I think in a negative way most of the time.But for me things have gone wrong whenever I was being positive about something.May be death is not that difficult..as in it is not so fearsome as it sounds like.