Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip trip trip..

Finally there will be a change of setting...yes I am leaving this place for a week or so...after a really long time I will hit the road in search of something new...I am really excited about my forthcoming trip.It has been really a while now that I have not gone outside WestBengal. The trip is a welcome break from this frustrating humid heat over here in Kolkata.I am also excited because of my first flight, yeah I will be on the plane for the first time..I am just too excited about :D ... I haven't been able to concentrate on my exams cause of :P...The cool Ooty will definitely help me calm my nerves and get myself rejuvenated.

Life is errmmm looks fine at the moment but who knows when things will go wrong once again...but yeah a maturity has developed within me...and I know that every problem will have a solution .. things won't have to the past I had been really stupid enough to let things end when things wouldn't have ended had I been a bit more mature ...well I realize that now..ummm a bit too late...but luckily I realized that in just the nick of time this time around...its hard...difficult really .... but the pain will be worth it....won't lose the treasure this time around ....