Friday, May 28, 2010


My exams ended on the 19thMay and the next day I was off to Bangalore.I finally went for a trip after a really long time.I visited Bangalore , Mysore and Ooty - a short trip of 1 week.I was very excited because I was going on a trip after a really long time and more so because it was going to be my first flight.20thMay arrived and I was jumping like a little frog according to a friend of mine. :P Flying was good.Indigo planes are very punctual, and the aircrafts are designed in a very sexy manner. The maiden flight of mine was a thrilling experience, flew through storm, saw rain on the windows and lightning too.Touched down Bangalore.The airport is huge,the airport in Kolkata seems so tiny if one compares it with the Bangalore one.The cabs are cool over there, the one thing that struck me was that almost everyone could speak and understand English in order to carry on their business so unlike Kolkata.The roads over there are really well maintained and the metaled roads also sport shades of green on their borders.Th roads leading up to the airport are quite sexy.We halted in bangalore for one day and ventured around the city the best part about the sight seeing was the trip to Banerghata National Park. the safari was awesome.Experiencing the national geographic stuff live felt really amazing. From there we went to lunch at MTR but our cruel luck denied access to the restaurant.We went to Kamath which thankfully was open and lunched there.The lunch was not out of the world , but a different cuisine felt delightful to devour.

After filling our hungry guts we went to see Lalbagh Botanical Garden.I didn't see much of the place because I met my first best friend there- Ashesh.It was really awesome to meet him after 7long years.The world is not a huge place.The rendezvous brought back some really sweet innocent memories of childhood.It was nice to see that he had not changed.Mom clicked pictures of the place in my absence as the official photographer of the trip.After Lalbagh we went to Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace, there is a thing about their architecture , a typicality which I don't find anywhere else.

The next day we started off early for Mysore, on the way we stopped and saw Seringapatna Tipuz capital and the place where Tipu Sultan died.The temple of Vishnu over there was really nice.Again the South Indian architecture drew my attention the most.The carvings on the walls on the temple were really fascinating.From there we went to Ranganthittu a bird sanctuary.Another national geographic experience.The boating was really nice.

Mysore our next stop was ok.Nothing great except for the Mysore Palace.The palace exuded grandeur of a different level.I had come across nothing of that sort till then.After seeing the palace and getting drenched in the Mysore rain we went back to our hotel.The rain kind of spoiled our mood and we didn't risk driving to Chamundeshori hills.Shopping time was secluded only for the evening during which I got pathetically bored.The dinner at RRR an Andhra style restaurant was a horror.The chicken biriyani tasted deliciously insipid!After a sour dinner with hunger still ringing its knell, we had to satisfy ourselves with Cafe Coffee Day delicacies.

After Mysore we started off for Ooty.The drive to Ooty was amazing, especially the drive through the Bandipur forest.On the way to Ooty we saw some deer and on our way back we saw elephants.The peacefulness , the deathly silence of the forest except for the sound of the engine was really seductive in a very non amorous way.After a while of silent drive I noticed the gradual elevating gradation of the place , the gentleness of the region was gradually giving way to a different color to the place - it was becoming steep.The mounting of the hill in first gear and second gear is a very fascinating and exciting experience.After sometime I spotted a sign board giving directions to the "Queen Of The Hills - Ooty".Ooty was the place I had been really looking forward to.I love mountains, loved my once a upon a time trip to Darjeeling and Sikkim ...loved the Himalayas, so I was really looking for ward to experience the grandeur and the magnanimity of the Nilgiris.The hills of South India did not disappoint me.We had booked a cottage and the place was lovely.It was breathtaking beauty.The cottage the numerous hills , the wispy clouds and the several houses that dotted the skin of the hills and the never ending green.

We stayed in Ooty for a couple of days.The place is really nice.Cool will be the exact word to describe.We went to Coonoor the day after we arrived at Sinclairs , that is the hotel where we stayed in Ooty.The drive to Conoor was amazing.We drove through forest , with tea gardens on our sides , with clouds descending as we moved upwards.Got ourselves clicked by a photographer at Dolphin Nose a view point in Coonoor.The hills are very photogenic, as a matter of fact nature in totality is photogenic, be it plains, mountains, rivers , seas , the deserts or the forests.

Through out the trip I hogged like anything.Even though the food disappointed me at places hogging was fun and was the order of the day as it is in Kolkata.Clicked loads of pictures which I will be uploading after a few days, this delay caused due to a glitch in my computer.The trip was excellent , it calmed my nerves, I have got back my focus.I realized a lot of things while on the trip.The much needed break seems to have rejuvenated me once again.All in all I loved the trip ...I really enjoyed my short vacation.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A sensation that rips apart from the insides is what I feel now.May be it will remain till that day which I hope will come.I am not lost.I know what I feel, what I want...yes an honest confession.I know it this time around.I have just become a bit mechanical.That is a botheration.Will things never go smoothly? every aspect of my life? Why do I have to go through the pain...all over again? Why? I am thinking too much, maybe just too much.Yes there have been things which I had desired I got, but they have been way too materialistic.But every time my desires have been humane I have ended up empty it where I am heading emptiness....the void....the ripping apart sensation has not been erased completely ...may be it never will least I know not until that day...I can only ignore it...try and suppress it somehow...that is the best way...yes I am hoping...hoping against all hopes...that things will freshen up and finally be normally smooth...I miss January and February sometimes...everything was cool like the weather....I finally am going on a nerves should calm down...and I should have a clear vision...when I come head is just too heavy...with hope...with fear...with so many things unwanted.................hoping against hope...that is all I can do....that is all that's left to other way....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Invisible Umbilical Line

Furiously high
The two minds , the two bodies
Silence interrupted by deep breathing
He touches her skin
The prickling sensation causing ripples
Amidst the deep of darkness
The intensity breaks as they come close
So close that their salty sweat mixes with each other
As it trails down their skin
Gasp of unison
Trembling hands trembling feet
Whispering just whispering each others name
The pain and pleasure
The smile and tears
Of all these years unite...
Beating as one
The unbreakable bond
The mixing of blood
The same disease
They are theirs
Nothing can ever sever the invisible umbilical line
The first rays of the sun shine...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip trip trip..

Finally there will be a change of setting...yes I am leaving this place for a week or so...after a really long time I will hit the road in search of something new...I am really excited about my forthcoming trip.It has been really a while now that I have not gone outside WestBengal. The trip is a welcome break from this frustrating humid heat over here in Kolkata.I am also excited because of my first flight, yeah I will be on the plane for the first time..I am just too excited about :D ... I haven't been able to concentrate on my exams cause of :P...The cool Ooty will definitely help me calm my nerves and get myself rejuvenated.

Life is errmmm looks fine at the moment but who knows when things will go wrong once again...but yeah a maturity has developed within me...and I know that every problem will have a solution .. things won't have to the past I had been really stupid enough to let things end when things wouldn't have ended had I been a bit more mature ...well I realize that now..ummm a bit too late...but luckily I realized that in just the nick of time this time around...its hard...difficult really .... but the pain will be worth it....won't lose the treasure this time around ....

Broken Glass

I am walking on broken glass
The only way left to reach out to you
Blood and pain part of the game
Conspiring against my own sinews
Heart beats at a steady slow pace
Tasting my own blood, my own pain
Scarred everywhere
From my heart to my toes
Knees become weak
But I must carry on
The search must never end
Shivering through the cold of night
Perspiring in the deathly heat
I walk on broken glass
Hoping my blood will mend everything..