Tuesday, April 20, 2010

" When our yesterday's are gone....And Today's almost Over"

"When our yesterday's are gone....and Today's almost over" .....this line has caught my imagination like anything.The line belongs to the song Chasing The Sun by Motherjane. Yes when a day begins , it has to end,when something starts it has to attain culmination.When the plane takes off , it has to land. Everything that has life...dies.It is just a matter of time.How long? How long?All good phases pave the way for bad times and the bad times for good.We forget to prepare or sheath ourselves for the bad times, we are too caught up celebrating.But when the bad times come we become broken.We feel the world has crashed upon us from nowhere, out of the blue.Life is strange.Its enigmatic, a mystery.Its what you to choose to do.Everything is in our hands.We can control our lives, not let it go by.But in this journey, u cannot be the lone traveler.Yes people do come and go away while this journey is in progress, but there are people who stick around till the chequered flag, till the finish line.At this point we realize who were the real friends and who were just beating the friendship drum.One cannot live life , go through its obstacles all by himself/herself, if that was the case then there wouldn't have been any competition either.People are important.Our yesterdays bring us a smile or a tear on our faces because of the people we had around us.Our today's are tolerable again because of people surrounding you and the tomorrow seems hopeful because at the end of all the harshness you believe you will be not alone but surrounded by people, those special few.We might call ourselves antisocial at times, drive away friends, enemies too. But these are all phases.One needs to strike balance between independence and the other aspects of life. Cause you do need a shoulder to cry on, you do need a heart to share love with, you do need another person to crack a joke with, you do need that hug to make you feel wanted, make you feel at home, safe and sound, loved, protected.

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