Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Treasure It Was

A treasure it was
The little world
You and I had
The our world
Where we sang the our song
Where we had the our lingo
The world I had to leave
Because there was no more space
The smiles , the tears
The laughter , the pain
Getting me high..the love that was insane
The drug that kept me alive
The drug that raped my belief
The drug that gave the same filth
Its gone now....only memories
Memories of the our song
Memories of the our rain
Memories of the our sun
And the shade....
Memories now both good and bad
But I cherish those cause I know I did because I had to
No hard feelings bad blood....
I have found a new world
Its very different
Don't know what pain it will give me
Don't even want to know...
Cause I have grown strong
Thanks to the drug
Now I don't go wrong
An enigmatic life ahead.......

This was what I could make of everything that you told me my friend,may be its no where close to your interpretations to your experiences....but nonetheless an effort I have made .... don't know why....I mean I seriously don't know the reason behind this post....oh well its dedicated to you...may be this post here is trying to tell you... that the writer understands, the comprehends....emotions too expensive I know....but that is all the writer is trying to give I guess....I am not sympathizing....I won't say I feel sorry for you...for what you have gone through...I know it was harsh....but that is life... but...all I want to say... is that my hands are on your shoulder...I am there with you......

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