Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thinking Aloud

There's clouds in the sky, the atmosphere humid,sweat, the stink all mixed in the air around me makes the feeling more sensational.Its all dark up in the heavens , seems it is going to rain soon, even I am waiting for the showers.Things are really hot , rains should calm the heat. The fire should be purified once again.It hasn't been story rather our story, but still it has been fun.Looking around what I see is very different from what I experience, maybe their lives are not so convoluted like ours.Then again every story is unique.Ours being a bit more special than the rest.Its been different very different from what I had expected it to be.Smooth, easy-going,chilled out culminating in a "they lived happily ever after", that has not been the case.But I have realized one thing that life becomes more complicated as we move up the age ladder......back then it all seemed so very employed....get married....retire from work...then die.The order is still the same but the flavor of the whole cycle isn't as simple as I thought it would be.My journey has been not quite easy and not quite difficult,but it has been simple.Yes a simple journey it has been.Nothing much significant has happened up until a few months ago when I started widening the walls of my world to unite with her world and make it ours.As I was saying it has been not quite smooth but it has been fun, so far it has been quite a fulfilling experience.Even with the tear drops here and there it has been happy.At the end of the day we have a good time.Not a conventional good time like the rest of the world but our good time which finds meaning only in our world.Yes we do have our little world.It didn't seem foreign ever, don't even remember how it got created....its been so naturally done. A little more than 3months left for my 20thbirthday.2 decades flew by just...1st year is well and truly over ..just a couple of weeks left....and just 2 more years left before I say sayonara to college life.Strange...very strange....time never slows down doesn't stop when I want flows at its own pace. Yes there has been moments when I wanted time to freeze but it didn't, time didn't listen.I have learned how to suppress desires, sometimes I fail to but most of the times I think I manage decently to hide my inner tweets.But I have seen one thing no matter what happened , how much tougher it got, my hope never got suffocated.I always hoped for the best,sometimes I prepared for the worst and sometimes I didn't but hope didn't leave me ever.It stuck by me like a very few close friends,like a leach except this leach didn't suck the vitality away.I analyze things constantly which is a bad thing I have learned of late, sometimes you just got to give it a break from being all precise and meticulous about everything. Things grow at their own pace I have learned that too... one cannot just accelerate growth like that, if one does so, short term fruits might be harvested but things suffer in the long run. Its better to let something develop on its own,its better that way.The road hasn't been smooth,scarred here and there...aahhh...but that means there will be smoother road ahead...that means I will also be ready to face the next unfriendly circuit with more courage.Its still cloudy but that means it will rain soon and that means the sun will come out once again.Patience is the art of hoping-that's my orkut prediction.I agree with it.Its been really weird in a way.Here's hoping for much smoother and a stable life at least for the next couple of decades if not for much more.Hope, that is all I can do.

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