Friday, April 16, 2010


I messed everything up big time.Can't believe already 24hrs have passed.Time really moves fast.The most strange day in college I had, maybe I should get used to it from now on.World moves on.Every one seemed to be happy, satisfied in their own world, enjoying their time in the heat.Weird all of a sudden all the simple equations have got distorted, the big picture has been smudged by this new ink.May be time will dry up the page, may be time will erase this sudden blot, may be not.Its too difficult to predict what will happen the next moment? No one knows.Every one can only speculate.Its strange all of a sudden college doesn't seem a great proposition, I don't like college, nothing about it, the ledge, the canteen, the green benches, the roads leading up to the place,Park Street has changed if not forever at least for a while.Damn weird.Day 1 over.I shall stop counting after sometime.Its all too well known for me. I have done it before, only ended up empty handed the last time around and just that nothing had changed back then, no object acquired a new meaning. A few days ago I was like " 1st year over :( only 2 years left" .... but now at 12:27a.m. these coming 2years seem a long a really long journey....................................who knows what lies ahead??

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