Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If Ever

If ever the final bell rings
If ever time consumes this friendship
The world won't miss much
Just a couple of loafers stampeding Parkstreet
Won't be there
A few warm glances maybe..
The momo shops will still be wide open
The charred building will still remain
The orange street lights, they will glow
The metros will still be plying at the same time
Just a pair of bluetooth won't be connected...
Songs, strings of music will be frozen in time
Ice cream will still be melting at its natural speed
Just the roads will miss a few footsteps
Skin will still sweat, tears will be a little more salty
But memories will be sweet as always
Sweet enough to bring a smile just for a few seconds
If ever the knell is sound ....
If ever that is...

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