Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Finally went to a movie after what seems ages.The last movie I went to was MNIK with my mother. But this time around I went all alone, after how long I don't know.I like watching movies alone with just the popcorn and the soft drink to accompany me.When I was in 11th and 12th , I used to go to the movies alone most of the time and I was very regular at the theater. GreenZone was a good movie, Matt Damon as good as always.The movie is about the US-Iraq war. It basically shows the war time turmoil after Saddam Hussein's death and the establishment of democracy by the USA. The action scenes were terrific. The movie was nothing over the top but it was a good movie.With my second semester examinations almost knocking on the door , yesterday was probably one of my last outings for sometime.I was dying to watch a movie and hence went for it. I can't believe how coolly mom gave me permission which doesn't happen to often.It was a welcome breather.I think too much just way too much....I will go mad I guess soon.I am going to hit the pillows now. Goodnight.

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