Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1st Year @ Xaviers

1st July 2009 was the day I officially became a part of St.Xavier's College Kolkata.I had badly wanted to get into the institution since a long time.It was a wish that got fulfilled.From the outside Xaviers seemed to be a very attractive prospect, it had an appeal that no other college in the city had.But post the inauguration day, the college has slowly slowly showed its true colors.The strict rules of the college is the only de-inspiring factor about the place.But it is fun.One can easily discover loopholes in the system if one pays a bit of attention.I consider myself to be one of the few lucky people who have been given the chance to be a part of the college.Even with the strict rules and regulations, there is a certain homely feeling about the place, the yellow walls, the canteen, the green benches and the class rooms has this very friendly and homely feeling about them.The 1st year of college has been an interesting one.It has been very eventful and I shall remember it forever.When I entered college, personally I was going through a pretty rough phase.But college gave me a new opening.A new social platform.I have made many new friends.People here are very friendly.But I am very thankful to college for giving me, the most important treasure in my life.I will always be grateful to college for this.College would have been empty without my treasure.Yes the days I have gone to college just to end up finding that my treasure was absent had been the most terrible days in the 1st year.Political Science has been a good choice.So far the experience of the course has been pretty decent.I didn't feel really bad when school got over as a matter of fact I didn't miss school during those initial days.But I am quite sure that I will miss college when it gets over.Yes the 1st year of college has given me a lot more than I had expected.The finishing line doesn't seem very far away.But I am sure I am going to enjoy college to the fullest for the next couple of years.Ohhh...and the other negative bit about 1st year was that Xavotsav - the college fest was good but not as exciting as I had thought it would be.Hoping for a much better show next time around.On a study leave now..sem-2 will be starting in a weeks time.Not prepared like always :( .Praying that I don't get badly screwed....bbbyeeee.

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