Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Was Me

Hey there...
Have you lost your way in this storm?
Have you taken a shelter that will save you from this disaster?
You shouldn't have left my castle..
You shouldn't have rebelled..
Now do you see that you are weak and feeble
Now do you see that you are incapable
I don't care anymore...let the storm devour you now
It was your mistake...
Your error has got you where you are
I was your master...I was your guiding spirit
You were the star because I wanted it to be...
Your foolish thoughts made you grow beyond your skin
Now do you see that you were nothing!!
It was me all this while
It was me.


  1. Oh great now you too start writing abstract poems like me! Now i know what it feels like to read one :P.
    I sympathize with Riju. Apologies!
    (P.S Riju: Though that does not I will stop writing them and torturing you by forcing you to read them.

    Oh and I'm extremely sorry for ruining your beautiful peom with a stupid comment. :(

  2. hahahaha.... :D and no you haven't ruined my poem with your comment :P :P