Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Number 1

So this will be my very first post of 2010! Didn't write for a while...didn't feel like writing...loadz of interesting events took place..within these first 5weeks of the brand new year.....many confusions were cleared out...I knew they would be cleared in the a friend said....everything gets ironed in the end....experienced Xavotsav, yes it was my first was fun being a volunteer.Met an interesting kid...whom I did not "disappoint" as a "guy"(wow such an innocent comment can have such amorous hidden meaning).....had great adda sessions, ate a lot :D...enjoyed in a different way...yes "chatofying" oin gives a different kind of satisfaction...and I experienced this kind of satisfaction almost regularly during the first 5weeks of the 2010! Dont know why I mentioned the last piece of information...neway...Oin should be glad...that I have mentioned her for the first time in this prestigious space on the internet!Life is stable now...the road is least it looks smooth to me...and then again...a certain some one has made it smooth to be honest!! Ya it has not been a very bright start in terms of blogging...but hopefully I will be able to post better in the future... those who have read..thanx for reading! :)