Friday, December 11, 2009

Looks like I am blogging on a regular basis, aah thats because I am experiencing new things every day, coming across new events, and yes these experiences are worth jotting down, a personal diary might have been a more apt place but since I have stopped using my pen except during my examinations, this blog suits my cause.Yes I like typing , its not as boring as I thought it to be specially when your creative juices are emanating a different kind of creative aura.

This experience what I am going to jot down has been the weirdest experience so far,"Crazily Weird".Its a dream which involves Mathematics, a pinch of romance that too in a style called AoX if I am not mistaken, an elevator set in the background of my college and a couple of shopping malls punched together!!I still cant forget the dream, and every time its flowing across my grey cells, I just end up laughing out loud , yes my laugh is very awkwardly weird!! :D :D But who cares its a laugh any way .. :D :D ..... Ya so the dream was like this couple meets inside an elevator, the Guy wants to kiss the girl, but the girl is apprehensive because the parabola curve doesn't fit the equation!!! WoW!!!! :D :D :D even when I am writing about it... I am laughing , so please bear with my typos!!! :D :D :D I mean this is the weirdest dream one can ever have.....

The above picture might give you an insight to this dream, the only difference is that the dream I experienced didn't feature any DOOMSDAY , JudgeMent Day sort of drama!!! :P It was pure hilarious :D :D :D