Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Simple Things

Well the last few days have been very unique for me,I have done all those things which I had never thought of doing in my 19years of life.This new experience has brought to the fore a new side of me and I have to started to see life from a brand new angle.I have realized many things.Its been both a learning and a soothing experience for me.Going on "Aimless" long walks have made me see a part of my city,Kolkata.A side of me which was sleeping for all this time I guess has wakened up from this long slumber.The dormant me.I have experienced that part of the city which was known to me in a very vague manner so far.The last few days have revealed to me that the "Finer Things" in life isn't only "Jazz" but all those noises that float in the city air around midday.I have fallen in love with "Extra-Jhaal-Foochkas",bade farewell to "Monday-Morning-Blues", understood that the sauce that is given with "Momos" isn't the original momo-sauce,I have gathered knowledge about a sensation called "Deja-Vu".I have understood that the "Simple Things" in life are the actual "Finer Things" in life.Hoping for such aimless long walks to continue for a long looooooong looooooooooooong time.....and Thank You friend ]:-) .. your company has been a pleasure }:-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Had..

I had a heart that cared
I had a heart that didnot fear
I had a heart that wanted to live
I had a heart that was ready to forgive
I had a heart that knew how to smile
I had a heart that feigned a cry
Times have changed,things are not the same
Its not the same old game
I have a heart that knows how to hate
To be rude and take revenge
I have a heart that doesnot care
I have a heart that has started to sneer
The various faces it sees
Cause my heart knows those faces are facades
Hiding the serpent underneath
Betrayals , heart breaks , treasons have sickened my heart
Now it wants to face extinction so that it can make a fresh start..

Saturday, October 10, 2009


There is the road that leads to paradise,
The place where you will find eternal peace

There wont be any emotion coming out of your heart.....
Be it love or be it hate.
There will be only evergreen trees
Blooming from dawn to dusk
At night you will hear a lyre play

Engulfing the woodpecker's thud!!