Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Finally holidays have started :D after 5 gruesome days of examinations and torture its time to relax once again :) + this is durga pujo time, the biggest festival in the bengali calendar and this is the first durga pujo I'll enjoy without any kind of worries of examinations , class tests.Friends who have gone away to pursue their choice of career will come back for the pujos and we are sure to have reunions through out this month :D. College has been good so far.The first three months were nice :) .I have made loads of plans of going to the movies , have to see as many as possible cause I havent stepped inside a movie hall since the last movie I saw which was "Love Aajkal" which was very long ago for a regular movie goer like me. I have also decided to have biriyani through out this month as much as possible :) So heres hoping for an eventful, rocking month ahead. Happy Holidays !!! :D

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