Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arsenal Gunned Down!!!!

Well...not really, arsenal, they were not gunned down rather they just pressed the self-DESTRUCT button!!! the 1sthalf was quite good from arsenal's point of view,good movement and certainly a good goal but united had to come back, they just had to.... and yes they did. The near about fantastic goal by arshavin did slap some compactness into the otherwise sloppy game of united in the 1st half.The last 5mins of the 1st half saw the very response of the arshavin goal. But Arsenal started the 2nd half on a better note than Manchester United. Their fluent passing game started creating pressure on the United penalty area... but an instictive save by Foster proved to be the turning point of the match! for the next 10-15mins it was United all the way... and during this period a penalty earned and converted by Rooney and then an own goal by Diaby. It was not the free-flowing United but the job was decently done and personally I feel some times the points are what it matters. This gritty performance also provides a boost for the upcoming matches. United ALL THE WAY !!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bare beginings...

Its 10:51p.m. I have just created my very own blog, I have finally convinced my self to devote some moments from my not so productive day to a hobby of mine , that is, writing which was thus far confined to the pages of my diary.