Tuesday, December 22, 2009


When I want to fly
My wings become heavy
When I want to sing
My voice grows pale
When I want to smile
Tears fall like rain
And when I want to dream
My vision gets blurred again.
Time is all it takes to forget your pain
Time is all it takes to improve
To build a new heart, a new home to live
Time is all it takes to start anew.
When the ship went beyond the horizon
The smoke could not be seen
Everything went black, the moon did not shine
Neither did the stars.
I still kept waiting, waiting for a clue
A ray of hope, an orange glow.
I don't know what happened next....
I know I saw an orange light and a purple angel.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya i seriously hate this "Holy"Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people don't pick up their PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAARGHHHHHHH......I am failing to transpose my anger!sadness!!pissedness(different sort of anger)!!! into words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter 09

Yay!!! Its winter time, the season I love the most!! :D The nature's so bright , chirpy, happy-happy, the sun doesn't scorch your skin.People look happy,celebrating, enjoying with friends,families,picnics,parties loads of fun!! :D

Yes this winter, the winter of 09 has been a wonderful winter for me!!I am happier}:-D ...Life is just too good :) yes I guess I had to see the silver lining , all that has happened except probably my History exam,which has been a nightmare(HOW DID I GET SCREWED!!!???!!??) was meant to be :) I am glad that I have finally found a few people apart from my family members that is, who will be always special in my life. Yes college has become delightful , I would rather spend my entire day at college....but alas a certain some one has to reach home by 6pm!!!

I am having fun, and I am looking forward to the rest of the winter, should be great and special especially the 23rd I am looking forward to it more than anything...I don't remember my self being excited about a particular day like this in my life which spans for a year short of couple of decades!! Winter of 09 has given me all that I had asked for and much much much much more, 17th November is the day which I shall remember for the rest of my life, it was the day my heart raced from the time I woke up that morning!!

I am really lucky , I mean really really lucky.I have such wonderful friends,a great family. :) I have found a new "home" , yes I feel so secured, safe, protected, happy :D and what not.It has been such a short time, but I already feel so attached! :) Yes I know I should be a bit less frank and less direct over here...but its hard to be metaphorical and punny at times like this,I just want to express, yes even the English dictionary is proving a bit limited in its substance. Its like I am out of words. The only word that comes to my mind is "Beautiful" , yes my "new home", she is beautiful, strong, sturdy... I feel confident :)

Winter 09 has been beautiful, just amazingly beautiful :) It gets better every day :) cause "Its every little thing you do, that makes me fall in love with you...Its every little thing you say that makes me wanna feel this way" ... YaY!!! ]:D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Looks like I am blogging on a regular basis, aah thats because I am experiencing new things every day, coming across new events, and yes these experiences are worth jotting down, a personal diary might have been a more apt place but since I have stopped using my pen except during my examinations, this blog suits my cause.Yes I like typing , its not as boring as I thought it to be specially when your creative juices are emanating a different kind of creative aura.

This experience what I am going to jot down has been the weirdest experience so far,"Crazily Weird".Its a dream which involves Mathematics, a pinch of romance that too in a style called AoX if I am not mistaken, an elevator set in the background of my college and a couple of shopping malls punched together!!I still cant forget the dream, and every time its flowing across my grey cells, I just end up laughing out loud , yes my laugh is very awkwardly weird!! :D :D But who cares its a laugh any way .. :D :D ..... Ya so the dream was like this couple meets inside an elevator, the Guy wants to kiss the girl, but the girl is apprehensive because the parabola curve doesn't fit the equation!!! WoW!!!! :D :D :D even when I am writing about it... I am laughing , so please bear with my typos!!! :D :D :D I mean this is the weirdest dream one can ever have.....

The above picture might give you an insight to this dream, the only difference is that the dream I experienced didn't feature any DOOMSDAY , JudgeMent Day sort of drama!!! :P It was pure hilarious :D :D :D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift And Not Accident

Its very weird , I mean life.Back in 8th grade if I am not mistaken one class mate of mine had etched "Life Is An Accident" on his desk,well that time it didn't make much of an impact on me,it doesn't even today but some how now I feel this "Accident" is worth it.Like when there is a real accident on the road people gather,strangers pop out from nowhere, some help,some just do the talking and some just stare and enjoy the party.....Well I wouldn't use the "ACCIDENT" label rather I would call it a "GIFT"....Yes a gift from God....that is what I would like to believe :) I am listening to this song called "Give Me Some Sunshine" from the movie 3 IDIOTS since morning,the lyrics clearly reflect the desire of a teenager , the desire to attain LIFE to live LIFE and not under piles of books. Yes I can say I am very lucky that way, I have enjoyed my days at school without any kind of worries or under any kind of pressure.But I have experienced a lot of emotions during my school life, smiles,tears,heart breaks, hormonal rush and I can confidently say that all these varied experiences have moulded me into various shapes, have made me strong.Yes I thank them now.

2009.This has been the most eventful year of my life so far.The initial part of the year had been very mixed apart from doing decently in academics everything else was not in tune,I was broken.Yes I thought I had bumped onto a DEAD END.I thought it was over,I had lost,lost to my own self , I was decaying emotionally , yes I was obsessed , I thought I had to prove.But on my birthday I realized that you don't need to prove any one anything and yes somethings are just not meant to happen, no matter how much you crave for them,no matter how much you want it.Even if you have all the riches ,still it doesn't happen.But yes my wound has healed, I have come out more strong.College, yes its brilliant nowadays but I wouldn't say it started off very brightly , yes it was something new, I was looking forward to it everyday but I was not completely happy.Yes I have made some very nice friends out there but some how I just could not feel very elated that time. Yes things changed and I believe for the better and it was my birthday 13th August 2009 that capped off an epoch which leaned more towards the sadder part of my life, but yes I must thank my birthday also because I believe it showed a brand new path, a road which led to some one new, some one who is just like me. I could not believe at the first go!!! Was it possible to find some one exactly like your own self...I kept on thinking, questioning everything , trying to deny something which was not deniable.I could not accept the fact that it was happening to me all over again...the same old story was being read, but with a new vigour , a new spirit had entered my body , I was happy ,I was enjoying.

Feeling a bit low since morning, called up my best buddy needed a few answers. Yes has been the one who has guided me , helped me, yes he is one of the few people who I can blindly trust.After speaking to him I turned on my PC .... I still had not got all of my answers.Yes the pictures, they were my answers.As I kept scrolling down one particular album, I felt happy, I smiled.Yes I had got my answers There was another album right next to the one I was seeing , but I didn't bother opening it, those pictures didn't belong here anymore, it didn't fit the frame,so I deleted them, it lifted the weight was carrying.Of late I have been asking my self a few questions, like "What would it have been like if this person wasn't there with me?" ; "Would college would have been the way it is these days if this person was not there??" ; "Would I have been so confident like I am today???" ( yes I am confident these days, I wasn't a confident person before) ; " What would it be like if the aimless walks , the hot momos , the extra-jhal phuchkas were not there????" The answer that strikes me every time is that I would not have experienced life in the way LIFE should be experienced,the dormant part of me has woken up ,it wakes up each and every day..........Yes this person has become a part of me, a part which I will carry with me my entire life.

Now how can I brand life to be an accident? I would rather consider life to be a gift. :) When a "60 tonne angel falls to the earth" it can't be called an accident, even though the damage it causes.But yes this is a very different kind of damage, it heals .... it doesn't wound , it pains sometimes but yes there is always the silver lining-the contagious smile.

P.S. I love you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The conviction in the vision suddenly blurs
The face turns pale
A chill sets in
The feet turns cold
The coldness gradually moving upwards
The body sleeps
No signs of worry
It sleeps calmly....

Saturday, November 7, 2009


She stares with her tired sleepy eyes
Watching the world pass her by
She drives her car , wants to be smooth
But some how a vision in the rear view mirror
Waves her :Hi
Prevents her to bid goodbye...
Confused between what to do and what not
Tormented by whats wrong and whats right
Faking a smile sometimes
Letting the world know that she is okay.
Yes she is strong different from the rest
Calm , composed, matured
Yes, she knows her game
But some how a vision in the rear view mirror
Waves her :Hi
Prevents her to bid goodbye...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Simple Things

Well the last few days have been very unique for me,I have done all those things which I had never thought of doing in my 19years of life.This new experience has brought to the fore a new side of me and I have to started to see life from a brand new angle.I have realized many things.Its been both a learning and a soothing experience for me.Going on "Aimless" long walks have made me see a part of my city,Kolkata.A side of me which was sleeping for all this time I guess has wakened up from this long slumber.The dormant me.I have experienced that part of the city which was known to me in a very vague manner so far.The last few days have revealed to me that the "Finer Things" in life isn't only "Jazz" but all those noises that float in the city air around midday.I have fallen in love with "Extra-Jhaal-Foochkas",bade farewell to "Monday-Morning-Blues", understood that the sauce that is given with "Momos" isn't the original momo-sauce,I have gathered knowledge about a sensation called "Deja-Vu".I have understood that the "Simple Things" in life are the actual "Finer Things" in life.Hoping for such aimless long walks to continue for a long looooooong looooooooooooong time.....and Thank You friend ]:-) .. your company has been a pleasure }:-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Had..

I had a heart that cared
I had a heart that didnot fear
I had a heart that wanted to live
I had a heart that was ready to forgive
I had a heart that knew how to smile
I had a heart that feigned a cry
Times have changed,things are not the same
Its not the same old game
I have a heart that knows how to hate
To be rude and take revenge
I have a heart that doesnot care
I have a heart that has started to sneer
The various faces it sees
Cause my heart knows those faces are facades
Hiding the serpent underneath
Betrayals , heart breaks , treasons have sickened my heart
Now it wants to face extinction so that it can make a fresh start..

Saturday, October 10, 2009


There is the road that leads to paradise,
The place where you will find eternal peace

There wont be any emotion coming out of your heart.....
Be it love or be it hate.
There will be only evergreen trees
Blooming from dawn to dusk
At night you will hear a lyre play

Engulfing the woodpecker's thud!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Finally holidays have started :D after 5 gruesome days of examinations and torture its time to relax once again :) + this is durga pujo time, the biggest festival in the bengali calendar and this is the first durga pujo I'll enjoy without any kind of worries of examinations , class tests.Friends who have gone away to pursue their choice of career will come back for the pujos and we are sure to have reunions through out this month :D. College has been good so far.The first three months were nice :) .I have made loads of plans of going to the movies , have to see as many as possible cause I havent stepped inside a movie hall since the last movie I saw which was "Love Aajkal" which was very long ago for a regular movie goer like me. I have also decided to have biriyani through out this month as much as possible :) So heres hoping for an eventful, rocking month ahead. Happy Holidays !!! :D

Friday, September 4, 2009


A drop of rain
A drop of tear
Mingling with hope and fear
Will it flood,will it invigorate?
The soul of the happy
The soul of the pained.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arsenal Gunned Down!!!!

Well...not really, arsenal, they were not gunned down rather they just pressed the self-DESTRUCT button!!! the 1sthalf was quite good from arsenal's point of view,good movement and certainly a good goal but united had to come back, they just had to.... and yes they did. The near about fantastic goal by arshavin did slap some compactness into the otherwise sloppy game of united in the 1st half.The last 5mins of the 1st half saw the very response of the arshavin goal. But Arsenal started the 2nd half on a better note than Manchester United. Their fluent passing game started creating pressure on the United penalty area... but an instictive save by Foster proved to be the turning point of the match! for the next 10-15mins it was United all the way... and during this period a penalty earned and converted by Rooney and then an own goal by Diaby. It was not the free-flowing United but the job was decently done and personally I feel some times the points are what it matters. This gritty performance also provides a boost for the upcoming matches. United ALL THE WAY !!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bare beginings...

Its 10:51p.m. I have just created my very own blog, I have finally convinced my self to devote some moments from my not so productive day to a hobby of mine , that is, writing which was thus far confined to the pages of my diary.